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April 9, 2018
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Bright and sunny but cool (about 38) so we started to get some more sap today after the week of below freezing temps. .   About 1700 gallons ran into the tanks.  Since tomorrow is supposed to be warm also we will deliver the sap to the sugarhouse then..   Since the trees tried to run on one day during the big freeze/snow  the pressure created by the trees blew off some drops and disconnected lines since the sap couldn’t run to the collection tanks.  We have some main lines running close to the ground and they were covered in snow.   When this happens the lines freeze up and no sap coming from higher up in the woods can move to the collection tanks which creates.  The 1.5 inch wet line running from the collection cylinder in the woods was froze up.   Dave had to walk across the creek and remove the snow covering the line.  By Mid afternoon the sap was moving through this line.   When the wet line is froze sap can still move to the Harmon collection tanks through the dry line which is attached to the top of the cylinder.  However,  this method does not get any vacuum up into the woods.  I spent about 4 hours inspecting the woods for disconnected or froze lines.   These were at least 40-60 drops off and 3 disconnected lines.   I also shoveled snow off about 4 lines so the sun could melt the frozen sap.  Once these were repaired the vacuum level rose to the level we want - about 23 lbs.  The vacuum was shut off at the Harmon tanks about 8:21pm when the exchanger was tripping every 2 minutes 20 seconds.   When the sap is running the best it trip every 46 seconds. 

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