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March 29, 2018
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Another cold front came through last nite and dropped the temperatures to 20 degrees from a high of 52 yesterday.  Todays high will only be the upper 30’s and we are expecting highs in the lower 30’s over the coming weekend. The cold weather is expected to continue through mid April.  This means no large sap runs starting this weekend but we should get some to run in the afternoons.  Looks like this could be one of the longest running seasons ever.  Since we have vacuum the tap holes should remain open until the trees bud out.  This year  Easter sunday is April 1st - about as early as it can get. Since the temps will be too cold for sap everyone will be able to celebrate Easter with their families. The sap ran good yesterday - the Harmon woods vacuum was started at 9:30 and by 3:20 we had about 2600 gallons of sap in the tank.  The Home Woods vacuum was started at 10:15 and by 4 pm we had filled up the truck tank - 575 gallons. After 4pm low pressure was moving in and the sap run lost it’s steam as the cold front moved through.  I gave a tour of the operations (Harmon Woods, sapsucker #1 and Pittmans sugar house) to Roy Oscarson of Hudson.  He is a hobby sugarmaker and had heard about our commercial operation so wanted to see how we handled 5000 gallons of sap per day.  I drove Bruces ATV down to the woods,  brushed out the Harmon pickup tanks when Jason and Marlowe drove over the milk truck to pickup the sap and gave a tour of the sugarhouse, bottling room and storage room at Pittmans.  As of yesterday Pittmans has made 89 barrels of syrup so they are about  1/2 way to their goal of 200 barrels. 

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