Weiss Woods of Plum Creek keeps track of the 2018 season

February 2019
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There was about 1inch of snow overnight but the temperature did drop to 28 and the sap had a short run from 11:30 to 4pm today after the temperature raised above freezing but stopped running once a cold rain started.  The cool spring continues and we are expecting the sap to continue to run until mid April.  As of today we have collected about 28,000 gallons of sap which has resulted in about 800 gallons of syrup.   The sugar content is still averaging 2.6% and the taste is exceptional.   Pittman started boiling about 4am today since he received 25,000 gallons late yesterday.  With today’s smaller run he should catch up this evening.  Since they syrup is a very nice medium amber Jim, Roger Gilles and myself bottled 104 gallons of syrup into various sized containers today.  The syrup is piped directly from the evaporator to the filling kettle. We always like to bottle this way since I believe the taste and color is better than reheated syrup. On Sunday Kevin started the Harmon sapsucker for the first time.  He reported that the sap receiver was filling every 46 seconds which is about 400 to 500 gallons per hour.   To date the sapsuckers have all worked great and we continue to check now for small air leaks to keep raising the vacuum level to the goal of 23.  Brent and Kevin spent 3 hours sunday checking the Harmon Woods.  There is still about a foot of snow on the ground in the woods so there is plenty of moisture to keep the sap running since there is no short term warmup in site. 

on March 23 we picked up Bruces ATV from Plum City Service.   Bob charged us $255.49 to get the ATV ready.  Dave drove the ATV from PC to Jim’s farm and on Saturday Vinny drove the ATV to the Harmon Woods.  We will keep the ATV there so you can use the ATV to drive to the woods from the Bins. It will save us a lot of time plus it’s nice to have Bruce with us in the spirit of his ATV.  
March 24th was cool with a high of only 40 late in the day but we still got our usual 3000 gallons of sap. A higher volume of sap ran Sunday. 

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