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April 23, 2018
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Weather is warm and dry - high in mid 60’s - but their is still frost in the ground and piles of snow on the north slopes so the trees have not started to bud out yet.  As Greg Pittmans says - as long as he can see snow on the hill behind his house the sap is not done running.   Today Jim and I took 110 gallons from the home woods and emptied the Harmon tanks of 438 more gallons to deliver to the Sugarhouse. Not much activity at Pittmans - Greg is holding the baby and thinking about starting the evaporator.   Paul Churchill showed up with this 91yr old father riding shotgun with a tanker of sap also. This is the first time we filled the Schwan’s truck tank at Harmons.  Since the hose end wasn’t placed into the sap it created a lot of foam which was coming out of the top of the tank when it was getting full. The sap is still good but running slowly since we aren’t getting a freeze at nite.  We started the vacuum at Harmons and it runs about from 10AM to 8PM.   The home woods vacuum is not run as much since we don’t get as much sap there.    As of now we are planning to remove the spiles this coming Friday and Saturday and clean up all of the equipment by Sunday.  Hopefully we can get about 1500 more gallons of sap so we can set a record.  Yesterday,  Brent, Lexi, Kevin, Jim and I attended the Pittmans pancake breakfast -  french toast, pancakes, smokies, strawberries, cookies, bars and blood mary’s were had by all to celebrate a successful sap season.  On the way home we helped Marlow load up 1,960 gallons of sap from the Harmon Tanks. 

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