Weiss Woods of Plum Creek keeps track of the 2018 season

February 2019
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Our hopes for a big sap day didn’t materialize.  The low was 25 and the hi was 54 but the sap only ran about 1/2 speed or less.  If we didn’t have the vacuum system we wouldn’t have got much sap today.   At 11:30 Marlow picked up another 3000 gallon tanker of sap from that ran from noon yesterday til noon today at Harmons.  Jim took down 550 gallons from the Home woods. We are now at 1765 gallons of syrup made from 58,000 gallons of sap.   Dave spent 3 hours checking lines in the Harmon woods.  Once again he found about 10 drops off,  a few leaks (easy to find due to the vacuum - the holes make a whistling sound until taped over with electrical tape) and one line apart in the far west section.  While driving the ATV down to the woods I noticed it was leaning to the left and upon inspection the left two tires were getting close to flat.  Instead of driving the ATV through the woods I walked.  Since it was very quiet I would take a few steps and then listen.  If I heard any whistling I would track down the sound and then fix the problem.  There was good vacuum in all sections except the far west.   We will have to put in a dry line to that section if we want to improve the vacuum level. Our goal is 25lbs. Some trees are done running so the end of the season is in site.   Two trees what were tapped with the old black health spiles were dried up.  That is why we now use new clear spiles each year.    Since the sap was running slow I decided to go home - Jim will shutoff the Harmon vacuum after the Twins game and we’ll just let the Home woods vacuum run out of diesel fuel.  The tank holds about one gallon and runs about 3 hours.   I’m going to take tomorrow off.  Brent will cover for me and help Jim if needed.  Hopefully we’ll get enough to set our all time record.   

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