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April 19 2018
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I spent my birthday in the sugarbush.  It was the nicest day of the sugaring season with high pressure,  sunny skies,  NW wind and highs in the lower fifties.   The trees cooperated and ran about 4000 gallons -   the vacuum was turned on at 10:15 and ran till 10:45 in the evening.   Dave arrived at the harmon pickup tanks and watched as the first 2 tanks filled to the brim waiting for Marlow to come with the 3000 gallon milk truck to pickup the sap.  Marlow arrived about 11:15 and we emptied all the tanks and brushed them clean.  It was then off to the woods to check lines with Bruce’s ATV.  Once again I found about 20 drops off (probably due to the trees wanting to keep running when the lines froze) plus 1 line had come apart from the weekend storm that blew down a large branch in the ravine below the outside dam. That took about 3 hours and then I went to see what Jim was up to at the homewoods.  He had just picked up the final 150 gallon tanker to fill the truck tank so we went to pittmans. I was going to pickup a new star for a leaking one but forgot to pick it up.  On the books we have now 55,000 gallons of sap and 1661 gallons of syrup so getting close to the record year of 2013. 

It’s been a good week since the big storm.  On Monday Brad and I uncovered the sap lines buried in 12 inches of snow and made sure all of the lines were in good running condition.  The sap started running Tuesday and we got about 2000 gallons Tues and Wednesday despite temps in the 30’s.   We believe the vacuum helps out in these cold condition by pulling the sap through the ice and helping it melt.  So far everything is working great.  

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