Weiss Woods of Plum Creek keeps track of the 2018 season

February 2019
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A cloudy day with a high about 37.   The sap started running about 1:30 and was done by 8 today.   The Harmon woods ran about 1500 gallons and the Homewoods about 300 so a slow running day but we were able to get sap.  To eliminate leaks on the Harmon cylinder collectors Dave placed a strip of electrical tape to seal the connection between the glass cover and the blue cylinder.   Up till now there was sap dripping from the cylinder until the vacuum was turned on. The tape worked.  To get ready for the rain/snow coming I screwed down the plywood sheet to sapsucker 1 to help protect the exchanger.  Then it was off to the Harmon woods - after getting Bruce’s ATV started I was able to check the woods again.  I once again found about a dozen drops that were disconnected from the spile.   Hopefully I’m finally caught up with this issue since I push the drop onto the spile as far as I can to have a tight seal.   Jim and I then took down a load of sap from the homewoods to Pittmans.  When arriving there Dave went with Marlow to pickup the Harmon sap.   Marlow manned the truck and I started the Pacer pump to move about 1800 gallons from the pickup tanks.  I brushed out both tanks during the draining process to make sure the incoing sap is of the highest quality.  The vacuum pump was started and we ran it till about 8:30pm.  It ran another 1400 gallons.  Jim and I rested the rest of the afternoon and watched the twins before I headed home.  Once again I had to dodge about 18 deer - I’ve never seen so many - on the drive home.  The night before I hit a small deer on the Hiway 72 rush river hill.  No damage since I was going slow and the deer rolled into the ditch and got up and ran away.   Tomorrow should finally be a good sap day with a low tonite of 28 and high tomorrow 48.  The normal high is about 55 so still below normal. 

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