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April 30, 2018
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Jim and I finished up the end of the season work today.   The flat vacuum wagon tire and two ATV tires were taken off and to Bauer Bilt in Durand for new inner tubes.  We turned on the vacuum while we were getting the tire fixed so Jim can pull the wagon home, clean up the tanks/exchanger and put it away in the haymow.   The wagon tire rim is quite old but Mr. Webb was able to make it work.  The tire was attached to the hub and the tractor hooked up.  We unhooked the pipes and Jim drove the wagon up onto the road.  After that we sealed up the 1.5″ pipes with a sink stopper and held on by duct tape.   We trenched the vacuum lines back to the electrical standard  and attached the pipes to the electrical standard. After Jim  headed home with the wagon  Dave cleaned the collection cylinder in the woods,  sealed the other end of the pipes with duct tape and covered with a plastic sheet.  On the way back to the road I used a flat shovel to fill in the trench with the loose dirt on the sides of the trench.  Some areas needed quite a bit.  It was hot and windy. (about 78 degrees) so I was happy when that was completed.  After that I helped Jim put the wagon in the haymow and then went to the Harmon Woods for a walk through to check things out.  I found 6 trees that still had spiles in them plus some scrap tubing on the ground.  A few lines had sap in them yet so I drained them out.  It was another day of hard work in the woods.  That’s what’s great about the sap business.  You’re happy when it starts and also when it’s done.    

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